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Created on January 27, 2014 at 8:25 am by Editor

Ire means ‘angry’. In german, the word for mad is ‘irre’ and the word for Irish is ‘Ire’. In Germany they say “Das Irre Ire” or the mad Irish. And mad we certainly have been.  Since the inception of the Free State under the dubious vice-like, church-ridden control of Eamonn DeValera, a Spaniard, born in the Atlantic, with Irish pretensions (and sure why not as we’ve done the same in so many other countries), Ireland has been a madhouse.  With an eye to ‘La La’ of the famed children programme, Teletubbies, LaLaLand infers ‘childish’ and, combined with Ire, we have Ire-lalaland – angry children.

This site is dedicated to the many wonderful, brilliant, erudite, brave, strong, kind-hearted, caring, decent Irish people that so many of us are who have been subjected and continue to be subjected to the most hideous  ‘capo’ management of ourselves, which we ‘elect’  into power through cronyism, at our peril. As the song says, and as you will see from these collective videos, “the fools they send to greet me, won’t defeat me…”

One day Ireland will have grown up and its people will be represented by those worthy of them and worthy to do so.

After a thousand years of family history, I am an exile, like so many and not for the first time. It isn’t good enough that we are the products of a failed state and the government washes its hands like a Herod leaving the citizens to the fate of the international monetarists, the local bankers and the ineptitude of the insider state lackeys.

Ireland is the only country in the world that has not had a counter-counter revolution, which is part of the revolutionary process. Perhaps, in these times, we are experiencing one, albeit passively. The next general election will be the most telling in its history.

Has another terrible beauty been born?



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