Published on 20 Nov 2014 – ‘Dublin Says No’ Protest GMC employee tries to antagonise residents who want them to remove their vehicles from their estate. When asked to remove vehicle he turns his back on them and rolls his eyes to the sky and then approached by Bernie Hughes who tries to defuse the situation. Brian then walks towards Derek Knowing he is Injuncted and proceeds to blow smoke into his face , hoping to antagonise Derek and create a situation. Derek proceeds to the Gardai to get them to deal with it and then they ignore him. So [More]
HOW DOES AUSTERITY AFFECT THEM ? When TDs GO QUIET Published on 31 Mar 2014 This is most of our TD videos put together In this video you will see DUBLIN says no challenge our elected representatives to tell us HOW AUSTERITY AFFECTS THEM. Not one answered the questo two even went to pull the camera from the camera mans hand and one even had his lackie barge into the camera man I LOVE THIS – well done the interviewer; you make a mockery of the pretensions of RTE However, it is clearly a disgrace that these ‘politicians’ cannot be [More]
Published on 8 Nov 2014 The Denis O`Brien empire alongside the state and the gardai came out with a bullshit story of Dissident Republican infiltration of the water meter protests and that Gardai were being attacked. Three a day then of vehicles attacked and missiles thrown at the station. Audrey Clancy decided to question this Rubbish and inform people of the truth
Published on 9 Nov 2014 The Group formerly known as Dublin Says NO were joined by many other factions on the streets of Dublin. They decided on a Name change and they became Dissidents Say No to water charges. Together they ran amok through the streets of Dublin city centre
Revealed: the introduction of the water charges in Ireland is simply a ruse to collect more money for the Bondholders. Film seems to repeat Ming Flanagans statements so I suggest you jump after the first time to 10.15 where ‘yerman’ the Capo, Mr Tierney gives the usual mealy-mouth non-reponsive response with lots of deh’s dese’ dose’ tru’s and wit’s that we have come to expect from the ‘educated Irish’.
At last, the people laugh at the capo government – a bit like being tied to a post and being shot for all the listening the ‘elected masters’ will give it.
People power was shown again on the streets of Dublin on Saturday 11 October 2014 when 130,000 people took to the streets to protest against the water charges. It will make absolutely no difference whatsoever – there will be water charges whatever the people want. The government are not the government – they are the lackeys or to use a borrowed word from the camps of the 1940’s, they are the ‘CAPO’s’ employed (having been ‘elected’ by the same protesters to rule over them’) to introduce draconian measures against their own people on behalf of the masters. note: hardly an [More]
The world of Ireland was about to change forever – and for the worse. This film depicts a wonderful bygone and small city.
Queen Queen Victoria in Dublin, Ireland 22nd June, 1897. Her open carriage, drawn by four black horses, stops by the camera position. She nods at the crowd repeatedly. The carriage stops and she is given huge basket of flowers. Two large highlanders ride the back of the coach. Does this film show a people who do not love and respect the monarchy? Do they look like a crowd craving for republicanism? And would just look what it got us 100 years later.
An absolutely fabulous piece of history. Wonderful to see the Dublin it was at the time before the scurrilous took it to their right to rule and ruined the country. A city – albeit O’Connell St as it is called now – today filled with greater depredation than ever it was in so called poorer times. Watch and enjoy.
Senator David Norris, who is an absolute gentleman, comes to the aid of a protest group against evictions being illegally carried out on behalf of the banks and Knight, Frank Rutley Auctioneers. It is noticeable the directors who were there remained absent and refused to come out and defend the indefensible. This type of management is all too common in our modern age. Not even the decency to meet with an Irish Senator is beyond belief. What a bunch of ill-mannered scurrilous bums.
Today, it would be ‘Irish Partners’ I suppose, but in 1963 women who were married were unlike to be employed so coming together like to refute the imposition of a new ‘turnover tax’ was a promising protest. It didn’t make a blind bit of difference of course – only continuous violence and public disorder, history shows, seems to make a difference when governments impose unjust or unfair taxes on the people they are ‘elected’ to ‘govern’.
Here we have a classic case of Irish management and tax duplicity highlighted by the very able and intelligent Richard Boyd Barrett but i would have liked it better if he had been more succinct in his questioning to enable the T-Shark to HAVE to answer the question more appropriately. I think we are all aware of the need to provide a super play ground for internationalists so as to pump up the rhetoric on Irish industry but in truth we also have to accept it means we get to eat the crumbs off their table.