It hardly needs to be said – monkeys! They’re meant to be representing the people.
Notice the sobriety and upright behaviour of those in attendance and witness and compare this to the horrors of today as displayed in another video on this site titled ‘Irish Politician Grabbed’ – it beggars belief so many have died and suffered for such monkeys.
“This was not the birth of a nation but the miscarriage of a nation” – Sean O’Casey, one of Ireland’s greatest playwrights was hounded and eventually wound up a British exile where he died in Devon. Ever the Dubliner, he never lost his wit and wisdom drawn from his birthright but he reviled the the actions of the misguided as he thought they were. I wonder what he would think if he saw the country today.
From Savage Eye, this is a brief but brilliant and pithy accusation against the cretins that have run the country since 1949 when Ireland’s ‘Free State” status was changed into a full and recognised legal entity which was nearly surrendered by Sean Lemass in 1963 but was rescued by the promise of the emergence of the EU
A video of outpourings of the people’s unhappiness at the agreement by Dublin City Council to sell Moore Street to a developer.
The introduction of the rise of a potential new party to represent the people rather than dictate to them.
An Irishman on the streets of Canada gives his opinion of the Irish banking community
A letter to the Irish people from an Irish Gael asking the questions of where we come from, how did we get into the mess we are in and how can we get out of it? All original words & music copyright of the Artist
Will the messages ever reach the politicians who have continued on the same path their predecessors walked? Doubtful at least and most unlikely at most. Only when the next election comes round might they take a bit of notice but the fat cats they are mean they will just walk away with outrageous pensions and kudos for BIG jobs in private companies that they will then use to crucify the workers with their newly-gained talents from politicking
Great oratory and ‘Independents’ lead the way from the stage.
Who says the Irish aren’t protesting?  The problem is it’s not reaching the gaugers that run the place.  With their comfortable fat arses sitting on their luxury lifestyles, sure why would they be bothered by the protestations of the downtrodden, desperate, hungry, poor, denied people of their country who put them into power. And when they get chucked out there’ll be a whole load more waiting to take their places. Nothing less than a Cromwell can break this criminal activity.
That splendid journalist, Vincent Browne, reveals the impotence of the powers that be to be able to explain corruption at the highest level being perpetrated against the people of Ireland by a worthless government and a banking system propped up by higher echelons of controllers. What would DeValera think of the Germans now I wonder.
Minister for Communication doesn’t even know the law himself as he sits back and watches the ‘Gardai’ themselves breaking the law on arresting someone – as it happens it was the wrong man too! If the world outside thinks Irishmen and women are silent and not protesting hopefully this website will change their minds. The protests are going on but they are hardly being reported by the mainstream press.