Will the messages ever reach the politicians who have continued on the same path their predecessors walked? Doubtful at least and most unlikely at most. Only when the next election comes round might they take a bit of notice but the fat cats they are mean they will just walk away with outrageous pensions and kudos for BIG jobs in private companies that they will then use to crucify the workers with their newly-gained talents from politicking
Great oratory and ‘Independents’ lead the way from the stage.
Who says the Irish aren’t protesting?  The problem is it’s not reaching the gaugers that run the place.  With their comfortable fat arses sitting on their luxury lifestyles, sure why would they be bothered by the protestations of the downtrodden, desperate, hungry, poor, denied people of their country who put them into power. And when they get chucked out there’ll be a whole load more waiting to take their places. Nothing less than a Cromwell can break this criminal activity.
As with many places all over Ireland, the people of Carlow came out on the streets to protest against the Household Charge.
The protesters known as ‘Wexford says No’ call out Fine Gael TD Michael D’Arcy in Gorey, Wexford to explain who they are paying €10m euro. This is a fair and righteous demand.  If the people would only wake up and take the simple action of ‘not’ voting at the next election it would create a protest like no other.
Wexford says No campaign took to the streets of Gorey to loudly protest against the hated new water charges being imposed on the people.
A gathering of protesters against the hated household charge and water tax that the Irish government is insistent on imposing on the people on behalf of their Troika masters against the will of the people.