Irish Water Irish Blood (Part One) – Archaic Revival

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Brilliant! Simply brilliant exposure of the truth of the conspiracy that is worldwide and has also hit Ireland. Those in charge are the elected lackeys of the IMF. The powers that be can only be tamed by the people and the power if the people is in the hands of the ballot box and one of the ways of attacking the ballot box is NOT TO VOTE til the voting system is changed!

Published on 12 Nov 2014
Part one of a musical documentary mini-series examining the awakening of the Irish people to the highly organised attempt to dismantle the fabric of the island-nation whilst simultaneously dispossessing it of it’s economic, political, natural and cultural wealth.
Rather than a dry, academic account Irish Water Irish Blood makes use of music, poetry, spoken word and humour to explore this most pressing of issues. Indeed it is this rich cultural wealth that is one of the island’s most treasured resources.
Part One features Kevin Flanagan from Tir Na Saor – Land of the Free,
along with a guest spot from James Corbett of The Corbett Report
All music by Archaic Revival


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