No Privatisation, Irish Water, Irish Nation..Live @ the 10th

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Part of the Water protest, The Rolling Tav Revue live at the Right2Water protest in Dublin on the 10th Dec 2014. Good song and the lads sum up the feelings of the people who are and have been robbed of a natural resource that belongs to the people NOT to private companies to make money out of it. This is American modelling happening all over the world but hopefully it may come a crook in the face of the Irish people. The Irish are famous for fighting when its right. However, the rot is so ingrained there is little hope against the monster. With a General Election coming up in 2016, it will be the chance of a lifetime to challenge the authority of the representative of demoKracy. Who will the ‘vote’ for. It won’t be Labour, it won’t be Fianna Fail and it certainly won’t be Fine Gael.


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