Water Water Everywhere So Why Does Government Stink of Fishies?

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Never in the history of humanity has so much been squeezed out of so many for so few!

The Irish people’s protest against water taxation shows no sign of abating. The people march on and will be triumphant in the end and the curs who have over-stepped their authority are thrown out of Dole Eireann in the forthcoming General Election.

Water is already being ‘drawn’ from the people in their indirect taxes and has been for 200 years but it’s not enough for the government gougers and Euro management lackeys that they want to implement direct taxation on top of this.

Water is a human right and the right to water is inalienable no matter where you live. All utilities including water, gas, electricity, public transport, national health should be in the hands of the people and managed by the government because the people own the utilities as part of their homeland. It should not be put into private hands for profiteering. A nation that cannot provide these basic amenities on behalf of all the people to all the people is a nation on the brink of despotism.


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