Ireland ~ A Tribute in Music and Pictures

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I’m not entirely sure why I like this but I do. Perhaps it’s the enormous hard work that went into the making of it but I think it really works.

Uploaded on 28 Jul 2009

My tribute to Eire, the Emerald Isle. By Teakbridge 101

This video has long been in the making, and though the labor was often intense, it was well worth it. The actual idea for this project came from a vivid dream that I had early one morning. From there, it was a matter of taking a vision from the mind’s eye and giving it life. I have always wanted to make a tribute to several countries and cultures that I have loved since I was a child, and of the many before me, I chose Ireland to be the first, mostly because of my own heritage ( I am part Scottish and some of my ancestors lived on the eastern coast of Ireland ), and also from my intense love of Celtic lands and ways. I have relied much on Celtic mythology and legends in my novels, and it seemed fitting to me to upload a montage about something I have long dreamed to actually visit. I sure hope that the video pleases you the viewers, but especially those of my viewership who are Irish. And I hope that this posting invokes a little of the mistique, glory, wildness, and sweeping majesty of your country. My most sincere thanks to each and every one of you for watching. . . . And yes; all of the photographs are of Ireland. Sláinte!

In case any of you liked the music used in this video, the song can be found on Ricky Skaggs’ CD titled “Instrumentals.”


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