It doesn’t get any better than this.
Song for the terraces when Ireland takes to the field, witty pretty and bright I feel pity any man who isn’t me alright blah-deblah-deblah.
A lesson for us all – Jay Noone in a small town in America exposes how NOT to pay the property tax. Isn’t it interesting that everything we know, do and become the victims of comes from America!
Will the messages ever reach the politicians who have continued on the same path their predecessors walked? Doubtful at least and most unlikely at most. Only when the next election comes round might they take a bit of notice but the fat cats they are mean they will just walk away with outrageous pensions and kudos for BIG jobs in private companies that they will then use to crucify the workers with their newly-gained talents from politicking
Great oratory and ‘Independents’ lead the way from the stage.
Who says the Irish aren’t protesting?  The problem is it’s not reaching the gaugers that run the place.  With their comfortable fat arses sitting on their luxury lifestyles, sure why would they be bothered by the protestations of the downtrodden, desperate, hungry, poor, denied people of their country who put them into power. And when they get chucked out there’ll be a whole load more waiting to take their places. Nothing less than a Cromwell can break this criminal activity.
From Brogans Bar in Ennis, Co. Clare, this is a great live session uploaded by ‘Shooter’ McNally..
A feast for the eyes and ears, this is a beautiful, absorbing 5 minutes of the ‘auld’ country with a aclever musical background
That splendid journalist, Vincent Browne, reveals the impotence of the powers that be to be able to explain corruption at the highest level being perpetrated against the people of Ireland by a worthless government and a banking system propped up by higher echelons of controllers. What would DeValera think of the Germans now I wonder.
Minister for Communication doesn’t even know the law himself as he sits back and watches the ‘Gardai’ themselves breaking the law on arresting someone – as it happens it was the wrong man too! If the world outside thinks Irishmen and women are silent and not protesting hopefully this website will change their minds. The protests are going on but they are hardly being reported by the mainstream press.
Here Ben Gilroy shows how the bailiff actually broke the law in supposedly carrying ut the law.  The Law says they must put a foot into the property before they can ger access without a court order signed by a Judge and supported by the Gardai. Yeh! right! Ireland is atrocious when it comes to the law.
A great man named Ben Gilroy does it right when he calls all theses chumps out to prove that they themselves follow the law. Clearly, they are not following their consciences of decency but they are skimming over the legal requirements to carry out their disgusting jobs. More like Ben and we might have a chance.
If ever you wanted to see why Irish law is so stupid, this is it. The law is the law and the Judges know it clearly but the rest of the buffs don’t follow the law as it is enacted and enabled. No wonder the government too is unable to bring in new laws without transgressing against the rights of the people. I love Ben Gilroy! He is a true Irishman.