Published on 9 Feb 2015 Describred as ‘an outrageous interview’, Paul Murphy handles a very annoyed George Hook after his release from Tallaght Garda Station. He and three other people were arrested supposedly for arraigning or delaying her ministership Joan Burton some weeks again.
Revealed: the introduction of the water charges in Ireland is simply a ruse to collect more money for the Bondholders. Film seems to repeat Ming Flanagans statements so I suggest you jump after the first time to 10.15 where ‘yerman’ the Capo, Mr Tierney gives the usual mealy-mouth non-reponsive response with lots of deh’s dese’ dose’ tru’s and wit’s that we have come to expect from the ‘educated Irish’.
People power was shown again on the streets of Dublin on Saturday 11 October 2014 when 130,000 people took to the streets to protest against the water charges. It will make absolutely no difference whatsoever – there will be water charges whatever the people want. The government are not the government – they are the lackeys or to use a borrowed word from the camps of the 1940’s, they are the ‘CAPO’s’ employed (having been ‘elected’ by the same protesters to rule over them’) to introduce draconian measures against their own people on behalf of the masters. note: hardly an [More]
A short film outlining the importance of a book from the 1100’s which was later, in Gaelic form, used by the O’Lee family of Galway, who were medical practitioners in the middle ages, to identify a variety of ailments and cures. Funding is being sought to carry out a translation to see if it can bring enlightenment to conditions facing people today.
Here’s a man whose talent has been lost from Ireland and instead gained by England. He has built up one of the great companies in the UK – Laing O’Rourke – who built the Olympic stadium and the Leadenhall Building as atypical of the projects they handle. There are many successful Irish men and women around the world so why is that? Why are they not giving their brilliance to the auld sod…because the riff-raff at home won’t let them with their connivances, treacherous conceits and the all rest. We salute you Ray.
If you can understand this man, you are listening to one of the great speeches of attack against uselessness in public office. The T-Shark sits imbecillic-like, in subordinate acceptance of his impotence, as a completely diabolical leader to be cast to the dustbins of history along with the fuckers of fianna fail and especially Haughey, Aherne and Cowan, never to be remembered whilst the languish in obscurity enjoying their millions and their ill-gotten pensions from the decent people of the Republic.
Ireland’s shame is simply a reflection on the tyrants who ran the country after 1922 and even up to today. DeValera and his henchmen – the Fianna Fail Party largely – behaved like fools and like the Berlin Wall, were brought crumbling down by honest decent people who recognised the truth. This event in our country’s history will ever stain the memory of those who made a laughing stock of themselves by their actions but especially by their actions on these incredibly brave Irishmen who went to war for decency. I has to be remembered too, that Irishmen have fought [More]
Published on 4 Nov 2014 On November 1st nearly 100 local protests happened all around the country of Ireland against the water charges. This video features highlights from the Dublin Lockdown which saw numerous groups and communities stand shoulder to shoulder in their refusal to pay the water charges by Irish Water. The atmosphere at the protest had some moments of real electricity and Irish people regaining their pride. Organised by Dublin Says No, The Land League and numerous other groups the event was a big success. Guest Brendan Ogle of Right2Water also highlighted another peaceful march and National Assembly outside [More]
This is the story of a man who’s van has been clamped 5 times in his own parking space outside his own front door. To date he has cut off three of them with an angle grinder and paid for two at 120 euros each. He is being harassed out of his home by the Residents Association of Hollyville Heights, Wexford, Ireland. Why? because he drives a commercial vehicle (its just a Ford Transit!) instead of a car!!! No sense of community – and that speaks for the new Irish mentality. Pathetic. And good on yer man for the protest [More]
Great fun, great hotel, great staff. This is one of the loveliest boutique hotels in the country let alone the county. Not only is it a great place to stay but it has a brilliant bar and wonderful food. How do I know because I’ve been there and I’m h-a-p-p-y!
This film is particularly interesting from two points of view. Firstly the secret police in action in Ireland. Secretly, the arrest of the protester who appears to be doing very little to warrant such behaviour of the secret police and then to make matters worse the manner in which they carry out the arrest. Completely unwarranted thuggery. How many does it take? Why the violence in their capture? Why are the standard ‘gardai’ standing around doing nothing? And making a nuisance of themselves with those who wish to record (rightly) the behaviour of the secret siochana?
Fine Gale called Vincent Browne’s debates a farce and said ordinary people do not take part in debates. Clearly, running scared of the electorate and well managed by the spin and pr doctors they refused to come out of their hiding holes. If Vincent Browne and the programme makers have any sense they will refuse to give Fine Gael any platform at any future time. This may not worry them too much as they must know they are in for a ‘hiding’ to nothing with the forthcoming general elections.
Brilliant! Simply brilliant exposure of the truth of the conspiracy that is worldwide and has also hit Ireland. Those in charge are the elected lackeys of the IMF. The powers that be can only be tamed by the people and the power if the people is in the hands of the ballot box and one of the ways of attacking the ballot box is NOT TO VOTE til the voting system is changed! Published on 12 Nov 2014 Part one of a musical documentary mini-series examining the awakening of the Irish people to the highly organised attempt to dismantle the [More]