Published 18 Apr 2010 Second part in this man’s story of how he has been the victim of harassment by the residents association of his estate purely because he drives a commercial vehicle. Welcome to Wexford – Welcome to Ireland as run by its own!!!
Banker left speechless by Irish journalist! Irish journalist Vincent Browne confronts the ECB’s (European Central Bank) Klaus Masuch demanding to know where the money is going.
Eurovision and Ireland are synonymous. Sinéad Mulvey & Black Daisy sang “Et Cetera” at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest representing Ireland. This video is terrific and a clear expose of why girls have so much more going for them in the modern world than men. Their advantages have always been more but nowadays they have the high ground too. This lot are as good as any boy group out there…and they even have instruments! All still very banal music. Come back The Beatles.
Ireland’s shame is simply a reflection on the tyrants who ran the country after 1922 and even up to today. DeValera and his henchmen – the Fianna Fail Party largely – behaved like fools and like the Berlin Wall, were brought crumbling down by honest decent people who recognised the truth. This event in our country’s history will ever stain the memory of those who made a laughing stock of themselves by their actions but especially by their actions on these incredibly brave Irishmen who went to war for decency. I has to be remembered too, that Irishmen have fought [More]
Brilliant! Simply brilliant exposure of the truth of the conspiracy that is worldwide and has also hit Ireland. Those in charge are the elected lackeys of the IMF. The powers that be can only be tamed by the people and the power if the people is in the hands of the ballot box and one of the ways of attacking the ballot box is NOT TO VOTE til the voting system is changed! Published on 12 Nov 2014 Part one of a musical documentary mini-series examining the awakening of the Irish people to the highly organised attempt to dismantle the [More]
Disgraceful – the incompetent ‘Gardai’ standing around at the attempted unlawful eviction of a citizen of the state and a woman at that. The men of 1916 will never stop turning in their graves. One simple mistake was made when the Gardai turned and ran rather than carrying out his duty of arrest and that is the crowd should have a made a ‘citizens arrest’ which they are legally entitled to do.
If you really want a good laugh. If you really want to know the best of Dublin wit and humour. If you really want to know what ‘real’ Dubliners are like you ahve to see this. It’s absolutely brilliantly funny. We could do with some of these lovely people in “Dole” Eireann.
Rare interview with the great man, Che Guevara, when he arrived in Ireland in 1964. He was killed in 1967 making this interview all the more poignant. Not many people realise that he was the son of an Irishman named Ernesto Guevara Lynch. Note: The first 20 seconds or so are silent.
It doesn’t get any better than this.
The late Colm Murray shows how to conduct an interview. Alex Ferguson gives some interesting insights into the great man himself Michael Collins and in the end also to the DeValera and his questionable position on neutrality.
A quick trip around the unnecessary one way system in Wexford introduced about 10 years ago.  A journey from the main road into Redmond Sq used to give several ways to visit and exit Dunnes Stores but then came this silly system which had consequences for everyone not least for the 1798 street. Do we really need local councils?
People of Wexford were angered by the news that Paul Kehoe, a Fine Gael TD, has accepted a €17,000 bonus while telling the country they have to tighten their belts. So, they came out to protest at his office in Enniscorthy but the best protest they can make is at the next election!
This is a classic. It shows the gross incompetence allowed to exist by the State when they want something done in a hurry! Published on 5 Dec 2014 If you need to know how to deal with Irish Water well here is how you do it Well done to St Judes Court Residents Lifford, Michael Mooney and all who helped to send Irish Water and GMC Sierra packing