Published on 20 Nov 2014 – ‘Dublin Says No’ Protest GMC employee tries to antagonise residents who want them to remove their vehicles from their estate. When asked to remove vehicle he turns his back on them and rolls his eyes to the sky and then approached by Bernie Hughes who tries to defuse the situation. Brian then walks towards Derek Knowing he is Injuncted and proceeds to blow smoke into his face , hoping to antagonise Derek and create a situation. Derek proceeds to the Gardai to get them to deal with it and then they ignore him. So [More]
20 Oct 2010 UK Shadow chancellor Alan Johnson MP speaks after Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP delivered his Comprehensive Spending Review in the House of Commons on Wednesday, 20 October 2010.
Nigel Farage corrects Gay Mitchell’s “We Gained Sovereignty By Joining The EU” This man Mitchell is a joke. Ignorant about his own country’s status and position. God help us all! Ireland must rejoin Britain to save its soul. By contrast, Nigel Farage shows a) what a gentleman he is, b) how intelligent he is and, c) how considerate he is of the ignorance of his opponent. My grandfather, a civil servant, said in 1922, that the Irish were not fit to rule themselves and told a court of enquiry that required him to continue to serve that ” I will [More]
A shame on those who rose to power to replace a power that was considered oppressive enough for a bunch of nuts to rise up and challenge it. Without doubt, they would be horrified what took over after their desperate sacrifice. This video is superb at identifying that. Ireland 2016 – The Unofficial Version.
Anti-water charge protest, Dublin – March 21st 2015 Published on 21 Mar 2015 Thousands converge on O’Connell street in Dublin to demonstrate agains water charges on Saturday, March 21st 2015. Video:Pamela Duncan
Published on 26 Jun 2013 Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has ordered a government investigation into the Anglo-Irish Bank bailout after the release of secret audio recordings. From You Tube User… rish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has ordered a government investigation into the Anglo-Irish Bank bailout after the release of secret audio recordings. Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has ordered a government investigation into the Anglo-Irish Bank bailout after the release of secret audio recordings. In them, Peter Bowe, then head of Capital Markets, can be heard telling Peter Fitzgerald, director of retail banking, that seven billion euros would [More]
Published on 8 Nov 2014 The Denis O`Brien empire alongside the state and the gardai came out with a bullshit story of Dissident Republican infiltration of the water meter protests and that Gardai were being attacked. Three a day then of vehicles attacked and missiles thrown at the station. Audrey Clancy decided to question this Rubbish and inform people of the truth
Published on 12 Feb 2014 Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. Interviews with a selection of people relating to the housing crisis in Ireland who mention their experience. Every interviewee highlighted how Council policy appeared to be not to deal with anybody until they were homeless. Many have mentioned how they were placed in emergency accommodation (B+B’s). Ireland appears to be facing an epidemic of evictions. Alan Lawes from People Before Profiit and Ken Purcell from Dublin Says No also feature. Interviewees are also asked if they would have a message for the Irish Government, how this is affecting their [More]
Catherine Murphy TD questions water meter installation contracts in the Dáil. Published on 5 Dec 2014 Catherine Murphy (Ind – Kildare North) raises some questions in the Dáil regarding the company which was awarded a contract by Irish Water to install water meters. Debate was at second stage of the Water Services Bill, 2014. You couldn’t make it up – especially what happened next in April when she again raised the questions which were unanswered.
Brilliant! The Irish are great at protesting and offer the perfect reposte to the enslaven representatives of the bankers and the government. Our grim (Dee) Reaper in court today in Limerick
“This was not the birth of a nation but the miscarriage of a nation” – Sean O’Casey, one of Ireland’s greatest playwrights was hounded and eventually wound up a British exile where he died in Devon. Ever the Dubliner, he never lost his wit and wisdom drawn from his birthright but he reviled the the actions of the misguided as he thought they were. I wonder what he would think if he saw the country today.
Published 18 Apr 2010 Second part in this man’s story of how he has been the victim of harassment by the residents association of his estate purely because he drives a commercial vehicle. Welcome to Wexford – Welcome to Ireland as run by its own!!!
After 100 years of inaction and a short period known as ‘the Celtic Tiger’ where money was supposedly awash and nothing was spent in preparation for the demand on water provision in the ever developing population this film well explains the need for urgent action to be taken to build a new water infrastructure. However, we contend the imposition of new water charges are unnecessary to carry out this important function. Published on 5 Mar 2014 Whats wrong with the water supply in Ireland? A film from the excellent Eco Eye Series In parts of Roscommon, residents live under ongoing [More]