As with many places all over Ireland, the people of Carlow came out on the streets to protest against the Household Charge.
Notice the sobriety and upright behaviour of those in attendance and witness and compare this to the horrors of today as displayed in another video on this site titled ‘Irish Politician Grabbed’ – it beggars belief so many have died and suffered for such monkeys.
A lesson on Finance from a Canadian 12 years old Girl – every person in the Irish Republic needs to see this and WAKE UP!!!!!
And this is a perfect reflection and summary account of the person he was. Makes you really wonder what he would have thought of the yokels that have ruined the country since he died.
Why Ireland split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland – here is a perfect history lesson from Norman times to the modern state. An excellent and simple account of the mish-mash of the island’s development through history, accident and predetermination. It was never taught in schools at least until very recently if at all so many Irish people not to mention British or people really have had any idea what the hell is going on. Now they can. Watch this delightful 12 minutes account  of how we got to where we are. Published on 21 Jun 2015 A [More]
Who says the Irish aren’t protesting?  The problem is it’s not reaching the gaugers that run the place.  With their comfortable fat arses sitting on their luxury lifestyles, sure why would they be bothered by the protestations of the downtrodden, desperate, hungry, poor, denied people of their country who put them into power. And when they get chucked out there’ll be a whole load more waiting to take their places. Nothing less than a Cromwell can break this criminal activity.
20 Oct 2010 UK Shadow chancellor Alan Johnson MP speaks after Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP delivered his Comprehensive Spending Review in the House of Commons on Wednesday, 20 October 2010.
Don’t ya just love it!!!!!!! This is the way it should be all the time. Gawd loves the Murphys The Happy Paddies!
Revealed: the introduction of the water charges in Ireland is simply a ruse to collect more money for the Bondholders. Film seems to repeat Ming Flanagans statements so I suggest you jump after the first time to 10.15 where ‘yerman’ the Capo, Mr Tierney gives the usual mealy-mouth non-reponsive response with lots of deh’s dese’ dose’ tru’s and wit’s that we have come to expect from the ‘educated Irish’.
Feet of Flames – Planet Ireland – If this doesn’t stir you, you’re dead! This is an awesome spectacle! Michael is the true Lord of the Dance. Absolutely electric and the quintessential Irishman. Uploaded on 17 Mar 2011 Feet of Flames from the Route of Kings: Hyde Park / Planet Ireland Music “Whispering Wind” by Ronan Hardiman (Google Play • iTunes)
Every single item might as well be stated in the House of Commons about the UK. Exactly the same applies. So, it’s an international conspiracy or least an islands of Britain & Ireland consiracy. Wake up Ireland! Wake up. Time to rejoin the UK. At least there’s greater protection in numbers. These politicians must be stopped – they are just the lackeys of international players. The answer? STOP VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! until the rot stops. and the rules are changed.
It hardly needs to be said – monkeys! They’re meant to be representing the people.
Right To Water – Garda Brutality/Unnecessary Force – Irish Water Protest At the beginning of this short clip, the uploaders has produced a document detailing the duty of a Garda Siochana. I have never been an enthusiast for Irish ‘Gardai’ as they are bullies – and ignorant ones at that – for the large part. But never has been more transparent as to their ineptitude and criminality than in this behaviour shown here. They should be charged with assault. Note ‘C’ – yeh, right! ‘A’ controls everything!