A video of outpourings of the people’s unhappiness at the agreement by Dublin City Council to sell Moore Street to a developer.
The introduction of the rise of a potential new party to represent the people rather than dictate to them.
The title says it all but some of the comments that were made by viewers of this video raise questions as to their sanity and inability to realise the good humour of it all. Maybe that’s the point! However, it does capture the essence of visiting outside the Pale and the scenery is why the emigres all yearn to return despite the worst efforts of the government to keep them away.
This film is particularly interesting from two points of view. Firstly the secret police in action in Ireland. Secretly, the arrest of the protester who appears to be doing very little to warrant such behaviour of the secret police and then to make matters worse the manner in which they carry out the arrest. Completely unwarranted thuggery. How many does it take? Why the violence in their capture? Why are the standard ‘gardai’ standing around doing nothing? And making a nuisance of themselves with those who wish to record (rightly) the behaviour of the secret siochana?
An Irishman on the streets of Canada gives his opinion of the Irish banking community
“St Patrick’s Day 2014 #IrelandInspires” is an animated postcard showcasing Ireland’s strengths and highlighting the qualities that make this country a great place to be. If you’re proud to be Irish make sure you share this video! #IrelandInspires It will be played for audiences gathering at Irish Embassy events across the globe this St Patrick’s Day (17 March 2014) and is tailored to appeal to visitors, investors and those attracted to the type of energy, creativity and potential which this nation can offer. “St. Patrick’s Day 2014 #Ireland Inspires” was developed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of [More]
All bullshit aside, Brian is the finest player ever to play the game. A gentleman, he exuded talent and appropriate good behaviour while playing the game. It’s a fitting tribute to him but all the more so since he has finished his career with a Championship win. He never played below the belt in the professional era, reminding us all of that famous phrase we were all given before his time – before professionalism came into it – “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.
Don’t ya just love it!!!!!!! This is the way it should be all the time. Gawd loves the Murphys The Happy Paddies!
Fantastic set of men – The Rumjacks hit it large. Makes you feel like you want to get up and go at it.
The interesting thing about this video is agin the incompetence of the police in carrying out their duty. If those around the intended victim were interfering (as they were) with the course of carrying out the arrest, they should have been arrested also. So, what we see again is the Gardai being clueless. What sort of traing are these people being given at all. With so much hell they sometimes have to face daily on the other side, it seems they really need a quick course in what is right.
A letter to the Irish people from an Irish Gael asking the questions of where we come from, how did we get into the mess we are in and how can we get out of it? All original words & music copyright of the Artist
This video clearly points out that members of An Garda Siochana in Ireland are not educated on the difference between criminal law and civil law. For something to be criminal you need to have a complaint, an injured party, a witness to a crime. If it is civil, it is based on contracts and you need consent from both parties. Gardai in Eire now have devices in their cars to spot someone with no tax. This is not a criminal offence. It is civil. If it is civil they need consent from the owner to seize a car. They clearly [More]
Disgraceful – the incompetent ‘Gardai’ standing around at the attempted unlawful eviction of a citizen of the state and a woman at that. The men of 1916 will never stop turning in their graves. One simple mistake was made when the Gardai turned and ran rather than carrying out his duty of arrest and that is the crowd should have a made a ‘citizens arrest’ which they are legally entitled to do.