World War II and the shameful actions of the Republic of Ireland

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Ireland’s shame is simply a reflection on the tyrants who ran the country after 1922 and even up to today. DeValera and his henchmen – the Fianna Fail Party largely – behaved like fools and like the Berlin Wall, were brought crumbling down by honest decent people who recognised the truth. This event in our country’s history will ever stain the memory of those who made a laughing stock of themselves by their actions but especially by their actions on these incredibly brave Irishmen who went to war for decency. I has to be remembered too, that Irishmen have fought all over the world but especially in the British Army as representatives of our country in the Act of Union and made up most of the British Army. DeValera was the leader of what I call ‘the devil-era’ perfectly summarised when the idiot he was went and capped it all off by signing the Book of condolence at the German Embassy In Dublin on hearing of ‘the death of Herr Hitler’ as he called him. What a joker!

Video: World War II and the shameful actions of the Republic of Ireland

The only true heroes to come out of the south of Ireland, 5,000 Irish soldiers who fought with the allies are to be granted amnesty by the Irish government who called these brave men deserters and there only crime was wanting to fight Hitler and the Nazi...


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