Eviction attempt in Corofin, Co Clare

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Published on 20 May 2016

This is the shocking video footage from an attempted land grab in Corofin, Co Clare earlier today . Members of The Anti-Eviction Taskforce were on hand to prevent such a land grab. It is appalling that the Garda are assisting in this action. Their only role is to protect the peace as it is a civil matter yet the try to enter the home without consent or warrant. A car driven to the scene had not road tax displayed , had its number plate disguised . Persons unknown refused to identify themselves or who they worked for . Their security ids were turned in towards their bodies and had they balaclavas on.. Every thing that happened here today is totally illegal but its accepted by the Garda present . No Court warrant was produced when requested , They video speaks for itself . Photos & more video footage?updates on the situation to follow .
We can assure you this behaviour by these scum will not be tolerated in this country ,
Please share far and wide … Put in on the fb pages of the politicians who voted for the Eviction Bill.. Let them hang their heads in shame to allow this again on this island ..

(Ed.comment – Is it possible that the balaclava brigade were covered up to hide their identities as cops who were moonlighting? It would also explain the failure of the Gardai to uphold the law)


US ‘Vulture Fund’ evicting families will make five-fold profit and pay no Irish tax – Dáil told

Social Democrat TD Stephen Donnelly today told the Dáil that a family of four in Kilkenny, struggling to get back on their feet, could not service the €350,000 mortgage sold to a US firm known as Oaktree Capital and trading in Ireland as Mars Capital.

Mr Donnelly said the firm paid €140,000 for the mortgage and got a 58pc discount for most of the loans they bought. The Kilkenny family’s mortgage was sold to Mars Capital for €140,000 – a mortgage the family could now service.

He said the family and other mortgage holders had been barred from bidding for their own loan.

“It’s very good news for Mars Capital because they believe that for their €80m investment they will get a return of €400m,” Mr Donnelly said.

Mr Donnelly said that Mars Capital structured their affairs to ensure the only amount of income exposed to tax was €1,000.

“An examination of Mars Capital’s accounts is a master class in tax avoidance,” Mr Donnelly told the Dáil.

Mr Donnelly said their interest income was €4,559,904 and their administrative costs were €4,558,904 – a difference of just €1,000.


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