Every single item might as well be stated in the House of Commons about the UK. Exactly the same applies. So, it’s an international conspiracy or least an islands of Britain & Ireland consiracy. Wake up Ireland! Wake up. Time to rejoin the UK. At least there’s greater protection in numbers. These politicians must be stopped – they are just the lackeys of international players. The answer? STOP VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! until the rot stops. and the rules are changed.
This man says it like it is! I wish there were more like him and the rest of the independents.
If ever there was proof that ACCOUNTANCY IS THE CANCER OF SOCIETY you can see it fully working here. Here is the way the tax system works so that multi-national companies don’t pay tax equal to their share income in comparison to you or I but they also don’t break any laws in doing so and frankly you or I would do exactly the same if we could. Indeed, it could be possible if enough of us in similar situations could get together and employ our own set of accountants. If we could do away with income tax, we could [More]
Today, it would be ‘Irish Partners’ I suppose, but in 1963 women who were married were unlike to be employed so coming together like to refute the imposition of a new ‘turnover tax’ was a promising protest. It didn’t make a blind bit of difference of course – only continuous violence and public disorder, history shows, seems to make a difference when governments impose unjust or unfair taxes on the people they are ‘elected’ to ‘govern’.